Q: What security do i have?

A: Residents purchase the right of occupation, in terms of agreement, of the cottage of their choice. The surviving spouse retains the right of occupation.

Q: What are the conditions of purchase?

A: Please view our "Purchasing Procedure" page. 

Q: Are the units serviced?

A: Each resident is entitled to a set period of domestic service weekly.

Q: Is there a laundry service?

A: Yes. A well equipped laundry with washing machines and tumble driers is operated by the domestic staff. Tokens are purchased at the reception office.

Q: Is there a gardening service?

A: Yes. We have garden services available for the complex and gardeners that can be booked
through the office for your personal gardening needs.

Q: Is there a repair and maintenance service?

A: Yes, with formal procedure to ensure satisfaction.

Q: Would one be permitted to have alterations or additions done?

A: Yes, subject to written Management approval.

Q: Are pets allowed?

A: Caged birds and small dogs.  No cats are allowed.

Q: Is there a levy?

A: Yes. The levy is a monthly charge payable through electronic funds transfer and covers repairs, maintenance, garden service, water charges, refuse removal, use of all recreational facilities, 24-hour security and insurance of the general property, but not of personal property.

Electricity consumption is metered and charged on the individual consumption in the cottage on a monthly basis. This charge is shown separately on your monthly account.

Q: What insurance do i need?

A: Your personal belongings and your vehicle are your responsibility. Management has access to the services of a very competitive and competent insurance broker.